Affiliated To Central Board of Secondary Education - New Delhi
Affiliation No: 7630001    Affiliation Period 2022 -2027
Affiliation Type: Senior Secondary   School Code: 90014.

Admissions Policy


Admissions Policy

Delhi Public School International Kampala –Uganda an epitome of dignity and pride is a progressive Co-educational Institution which imparts educations to all irrespective of their caste, creed, colour, religion and Nationality. We are an inclusive school that welcomes children from all backgrounds and abilities.
We accept students with high levels of academic potential; regardless of any specific learning difficulty provided they are capable of fulfilling our high academic expectations.
All parents/students must read and accept DPS INTL’s Behaviour Policy. DPS INTERNATIONAL KAMPALA does not accept students with a history of drug, alcohol or weapon possession, or abuse.

DPS INTERNATIONAL KAMPALA does not accept students who have been expelled from their previous school for serious behavioural issues (including physical violence and bullying). Delhi Public School International reserves the right to refuse admission to any applicant, at its sole discretion.

DPS Kampala encourages education for all children irrespective of their caste, creed, religion, color and country. But as of now we are not equipped with special methodology for the challenged children, we humbly request the parents not to apply for the admission till we have equipped with such facility. If, in spite of the limitations such children are incorporated into our system the school cannot be held responsible in case of their lack of adaptability, deficiencies, in the art of comprehension, failure to meet the required academic standards and inevitable constraints in the part of holistic development.

Students coming from International Schools using the CBSE or other internationally recognized curriculum will be placed according to previous level or class – provided this does not place a student more than one year above or below their normal cohort.

Students wishing to enter DPS International Kampala (except KG section) must have sufficient use and knowledge of English (both spoken and written) to enable them to fully participate in all class activities. Failure to meet this criteria/level may, however, result in a student being offered a place in the class lower to his/her eligibility, if appropriate.

Students wishing to enter Class 9 and above must provide written evidence of academic attainment at CBSE level or must produce equivalency certificate /letter from the school / Board the child was continuing his/her education with.
New students may not be accepted into Years 10 or 12, unless they have previously studied the same courses as offered at DPS INTL, and have the appropriate course-work completed to allow them to meet the expectations of their course (CBSE) without the need to ‘catch-up’ on missed work.Direct Admissions granted to a child to class X and XII including Transfer cases or coming from any other Board are completely provisional till the approval is received from the Board (CBSE).School will not be responsible for if the case is rejected by the board. As soon as the rejection letter is received the admission of the child will be cancelled and child will not be allowed to attend the classes with immediate effect.

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All the applications are treated on merit and in a sensitive manner.
If the number of children applying for entry exceeds the places available, we enforce the procedure set out below in order to determine whether a child is accepted or not. It is our wish to allow parents the right to have a place at the school of their choice. However, this is not always possible, due to the application for admission exceeding seats available.
Children from the neighborhood, siblings and staff children are given first preference in case of application outnumbering seat availability.

When students from diverse academic backgrounds apply for admission we conduct a test in English, Science and Mathematics to ascertain if the student is ready for the class applied for. We offer a lower class if there is a serious gap in fundamentals.

The standard number
The standard number is the number of children the school can accommodate. The standard number for our school is between 35-40.

Admission Procedure
The applicant should fill in the registration form and enclose it with the documents asked for. The date for the receipt and submission of the form is mentioned therein.

At the time of registration for admission the following documents need to be submitted:
Documents to be submitted with Admission Form

  1.   Two copies of the student passport.
  2.   Three recent passport size photographs of the child, 2  of father and 2 of mother.
  3.   Copy of the birth certificate.
  4.   Vaccination Card of the child.
  5.   Fitness Certificate issued by a registered Medical Practitioner.
  6.   Photocopy of  Ugandan ID./ valid work permit/dependent pass / Pupil Pass.
  7.   Photocopy of the original Mark Sheet of the last examination passed at the previous school.
      (This is required for students coming from Grade 2 and onwards).
  8.   Students seeking admission to the school from Grade 2 are required to submit the Original.
  9.   Transfer Certificate / School Leaving Certificate of the school last attended as per the.

Guidelines given below:-

  1. For students coming from outside Uganda. The following order of the attestation must be   observed for the Transfer Certificate.
    1. The Transfer Certificate/Leaving Certificatemust be in English Language.
    2. The Transfer Certificate/Leaving Certificate must be countersigned by the District EducationOfficer (for State / Matriculation Schools) / Zonal or Regional Officer (for CBSE / ICSE schools)
    3. Embassy or Consulate of the country where TC was issued.
  2. Students coming from within Uganda are required to submit the original Transfer Certificate / School Leaving Certificate of the school last attended, attested by the Ministry of Education  (for other than Kampala Zone Schools).

Attestation Details – Transfer Certificate / School Leaving Certificate
 1. Transfer Certificates from India.

a.    Ministry of Education (AEO/ DEO/ CBSE or ICSE Regional Officer etc.)
b.    Indian High Commission, Uganda or
c.    Ministry of Foreign Affairs-Delhi India.

 2. Transfer Certificates from G.C.C. Countries.

a.    Ministry of Education of Concerned Nation.
b.    Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Concerned Nation.
c.    Embassy/ Consulate of Concerned Nation.

 3. Transfer Certificates from other Nations.

Option 1 :

  1. Ministry of Education of Concerned Nation
  2. Embassy/High Commission /Consulate of Concerned Nation in Uganda

Option 2 :
c.    Ministry of Education of Concerned Nation
d.    Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Concerned Nation
e.    Embassy/ Consulate of Concerned Nation

 4. Transfer Certificates from Uganda.

a.    Kampala- No need of Attestation
b.    All other parts of Uganda- Ministry of Education

Note: The gap between the date of leaving the previous school and the date of admission in this school, should not be more than THREE WEEKS

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