How to be a DPSI student

There will be an assessment on intimated date for students seeking admission to Class I onwards and during the assessment, presence of both the parents will be mandatory.
ASSESSMENT/Admission tests ARE USUALLY CONDUCTED immediately after the registration of the child (if the child is ready for) or within a maximum period of next three working days.

For admission to Nursery & LKG, there are no tests or interviews. The teacher observes / interacts with the child along with the parents. At DPS Kampala the interview is as pleasant and non-intimidating as we can make it. We are interested in knowing about the child's/ student's educational development, use of language, social skills, academic enthusiasms and extra-curricular interests. The aim of the interview is to find about what the student knows, understands and enjoys.

For admission to UKG, an observation / interaction will be held on the same day. Presence of both the parents is mandatory for the same.

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  1. No request for the change of dates for assessment / observation / interaction / interview will be entertained.
  2. The Student Admission form should be collected from the school office as soon as the assessment / observation /
      interaction / interview is done and the results are declared. The list of selected candidates will be put up on the
      School Notice Board at the Administrative Office.
  3. A Fee slip will be issued to parents or local / legal guardian of selected candidates as soon as the list is displayed
      on the notice board.
  4. Once the above steps are satisfactorily completed parents will receive an admission offer and may pay the applicable
      fees to confirm admission.
  5. The admission officer will explain the admission procedure to the parents of the selected candidates and school
      accountant can be contacted for the fee slip immediately.
  6. It is mandatory for both the parents and local / legal guardian to be present to complete various admission formalities.
  7. For students seeking admission in Class I onwards, it is mandatory to submit Transfer Certificate (Original) from
      the last school attended.
  8. Fees once paid at the time of admission or later, are not refundable and NOT TRANSFERABLE in any case except the
      caution money (refundable) in case of withdrawal.
  9. The management reserves the right to have the last word in all matters relating to admission (s).
10. The admissions are given as per guidelines framed by Directorate of Education and endorsed by Managing
       Committee of the school. Admissions in all the classes are open depending upon the availability of seats.

All parents/students must read and accept DPS INTL’s Behavior Policy. DPS INTERNATIONAL KAMPALA does not accept students with a history of drug, alcohol or weapon possession, or abuse.

DPS INTERNATIONAL KAMPALA does not accept students who have been expelled from their previous school for serious behavioral issues (including physical violence and bullying). Delhi Public School International reserves the right to refuse admission to any applicant, at its sole discretion.

DPS Kampala encourages education for all children irrespective of their caste, creed, religion, color and country. But as of now we are not equipped with special methodology for special needs children.  We humbly request the parents not to apply for the admission till we have equipped the school and premises with such facilities. If, in spite of the limitations such children are incorporated into our system the school cannot be held responsible in case of their lack of adaptability, deficiencies, in the art of comprehension, failure to meet the required academic standards and inevitable constraints in the part of holistic development.