Affiliated To Central Board of Secondary Education - New Delhi
Affiliation No: 7630001    Affiliation Period 2022 -2027
Affiliation Type: Senior Secondary   School Code: 90014.


Co Curricular

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  • 1st QuarterApril to June. 2nd QuarterJuly to Sept. 3rd QuarterOct. to Dec. and4th Quarter Jan. to March.
  • Ruparelia Group staff will enjoy a benefit of discount of 10% on tuition fees.
  • Fees must be paid in full before a student will be permitted to sit in any examination.
  • Transcripts (school reports and Leavers Certificate) will only be made available to future schools when all financial matters have been cleared through the Bursar’s Office.
  • Fees are not refundable in whole or in part. In the event that a student is withdrawn from DPS INTL having previously booked attendance on a school trip – skiing, sports tour, outdoor education or other – then any monies already paid to the school will become non-refundable, and the student will no longer be eligible to attend the trip concerned
  • DPS INTL reserves the right not to promote or continue the enrollment of any student if, in the opinion of the School it is in his/her best interest.
  • In the event of any medical emergency, the School will attempt to contact the parents or guardian.  If it is impossible to contact parents or guardian, the School is authorized to seek medical attention for the student from the nearest available qualified medical practitioner or hospital.  In this event, the school and its staff shall not be held responsible for the results of medical treatment administered to the student, and any medical expenses incurred shall be chargeable to the parent.


Music is a key component of life for musicians and non-musicians; therefore it is embedded in every child’s education at DPS. The collective aim of the Music Department is to fire enthusiasm of the musically talented and offer opportunities for all through music.

We help every child to achieve their musical potential and there are a number of performance opportunities at every level. In a department of 50 staff, the aim is to support, inspire and manage a varied team with one common goal.

Music serves as a language and learning vehicle for preverbal children. Music can connect a child to language. Children respond naturally to music. They can move to it, create their own verses and learn more easily in that mode.

Music, as well as the visual arts, drama and dance, give us insight into the way a child’s mind works. They show us what children understand.

There is reason to believe music stimulates your infant’s brain, dance helps develop motor skills, and drama teaches emotions and problem solving.

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