Affiliated To Central Board of Secondary Education - New Delhi
Affiliation No: 7630001    Affiliation Period 2022 -2027
Affiliation Type: Senior Secondary   School Code: 90014.

National Safety Day – India

Prioritizing Safety at DPSI: National Safety Day in India

As India observes National Safety Day, DPSI reaffirms its commitment to prioritizing safety for our students. Today, we emphasize the importance of educating and empowering our children to create a secure environment where they can thrive.

Through awareness programs and workshops, we equip students with vital safety knowledge. Together with parents and the community, we foster a culture of vigilance and proactive measures to safeguard our children.

Let’s unite in our mission to make safety a priority, ensuring every child can learn and grow without fear. At DPSI, we stand together to build a resilient and secure future for our students.

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2024-3-4 9:00am 2024-3-4 Pacific/Midway National Safety Day – India General Parent Teacher Meeting Delhi Public School International
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